Anti-upwork allegations? What’s the real deal

Whether it’s through ignorance, misinterpretation, or misdirection, a lot of the non-rates-debate “talk” about Upwork in the blogosphere focuses primarily on two things: Privacy and the Hourly billing model. While Upwork is not for everyone, the (previously unheard of) hourly model it introduced to the freelance job-board market drew in a lot of buyers and […]

Freelancing the Change Forever

Regularly, a thread will pop up in the Upwork Community Forums regarding rates. These are typically instituted by newcomers to Upwork and freelancing in general, and mostly originated by Americans. People sign up on Upwork when they hear “work from home”, and they look for instant gratification. When they realize that you actually have to […]

Recovery Process for Freelancers

Recover from illness? From stress? From general slumps? Apparently, I sleep. Two weeks ago, I got sick. It started with a cough…that turned into a fever…that turned into me dumping half my brains into three boxes of kleenex and hacking up what I can only assume were chunks of my lungs. During that time, I’ve […]

Making Your Objective Count

When writing a resume, or in the case of online job marketplaces such as oDesk your profile, your objective should be a brief statement of what you can do, not what you want. Often, you’ll see “stock” resumes with objectives stating something along the lines of: To obtain a position where I can maximize my […]

Businesses: Spec Your Process Better

I’ve mentioned before how imperative it is for providers to be as detailed as possible when creating their profiles and writing effective cover letters. Buyers have the same obligation to their providers if they want to easily find the best possible candidate. As a service provider, nothing is more frustrating than receiving a new invitation […]