Maximizing Reads for Your Freelancing Career

It’s a given that if you’re trying to make your break working through Upwork, you need the Upwork book.

But the purpose of this post wasn’t to pimp the Upwork (even though it is much deserved). Instead, I wanted to touch upon some other resources that I’ve found helpful in one way or another.

Hopefully, you’ll find these just as constructive.

Working From Home
By: Paul Edwards

This is a big book. I mean really, really thick (688 pages). I recommend this book as more of a reference than a “sit down and read from cover to cover” book. It has tons of information on just about everything you’ll need to know when working from home. From marketing to taxes to family and philosophy, it’s got it all.

The Home Office Solution
By: Alice Bredin

Working from home can take its toll on…well…your home life. Even though this book is 10 years old, the advice it offers on how to manage your work and home time efficiently and separately, yet as one, is nearly timeless.

Secrets of Self-Employment
By: Paul and Sarah Edwards

By the same author (and his wife) that penned the Working From Home book above, this book deals with the coping with your fears and doubts of being self-employed. Helps clear your mind to prepare for the rollercoaster ups and downs of working for yourself.

Home-Based Business for Dummies
By: Paul and Sarah Edwards and Peter Economy

I am a big fan of the Dummies books. They are great for giving you a general overview of a topic you know nothing about. This book will not give you step-by-step instructions, but will help you see the bigger picture.

Advertising For Dummies
By: Gary Dahl

A must have for marketing and promoting yourself as a freelance provider. As I’ve said before, when you freelance, you are your own marketing team. This book will go over the basics of identifying your target audience and optimizing your self-promotion to focus on them.